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宇佐市安心院町鳥越 定樹山 大建寺 深見五重の塔 仙の岩Usacity ajimu 5-storied pagoda, Daikenji Temple, Mt Teiju Sen Rock
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見学自由。朱塗りの塔が目印。夜間のライトアップも幻想的です。また、横山大観など国­宝級の掛け軸が鑑賞できる美術館も見逃せません。 ※美術館は要予約(0978-44-4530)


大分県宇佐市安心院町鳥越 駐車場 有り (仙の岩を挟んで県道50号線の反対側に駐車場・トイレがあります)

観光まちづくり課 観光振興係 内線474
〒879-0492 大分県宇佐市大字上田1030番地の1
本庁舎4階電話:0978-32-1111  Fax:0978-32-2331

5-storied pagoda, Daikenji Temple, Mt Teiju
The pagoda was built by the family of Ajimu born Teiju Itonaga to express their gratitude towards the community. Modeled on the well-known beautiful design of the Heian period built national treasure, Daigoji Temple, it is a unique wooden 5-storied pagoda in Kyushu.
During the Heian and Kamakura periods Daikenji Temple, in the Torigoe area of Ajimu town, was a very prosperous Tendai Sect temple with a long historical lineage, but later fell into ruins.
The Itonaga Family built the splendid 5-storied pagoda within the grounds of the original Daikenji Temple as a tribute to their hometown, hoping to reflect the traditional style and history of the country.
Within the grounds there is an art gallery where you can admire National Treasure grade hanging scrolls such as “Yokoyama Taikan”. Entrance to both the 5-storied pagoda and the art gallery are free, however reservations are necessary to enter the art gallery.
Sen Rock (Wizard Rock)
Kyoushouhou stands out among the agglomerate rock formations in the Yabakei area. Tsurugadake in particular is the largest pillar in the whole Yabakei area.
There is also a huge 100 meter precipice, flat cliff faces, sheer cliffs of varying sizes, Daiganji Temple caves, and was the area used for mountain retreat Buddhist study for over 1000 years. In ancient times it is said that an immortal wizard monk lived there, therefore the name “wizard rock”
The principle image within the Daiganji Temple is said to be created by Nimon and is a thousand-armed Kannon image of Avalokitesvara, believed since ancient times to be the guardian of children and childbirth.
Enshrined with the image are also numerous old Kamakura era wooden Buddhist statues etc. which have been brought down from the remote caves.

Address: Torigoe, Ajimu Town, Usa City, Oita Prefecture
Access:By JR Train: 30 minutes by taxi from Yanagigaura Station.
By car: From the Usa-Beppu toll road, exit at Ajimu and take route 50 towards Yufuin for approximately 10 minutes.
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