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宇佐市四日市 桜岡神社 蛭子宮祭典「えびす祭り」Sakuragaoka Shrine Event, Ebisu Fesitival
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桜岡神社 蛭子宮祭典「えびす祭り」
Sakuragaoka Shrine Event, Ebisu Fesitival

At the Sakuragaoka Shrine in the Yokkaichi district of Usa City, 12 men are selected (for a one year term of office) from among the shrine parishioners of Yokkaichi Rokucho to take a major role in the important festivals held every spring, fall, and winter. The Ebisu Festival is the Sakuragaoka Shrine’s winter festival event held annually from December 13th to 15th.

The festival is held over three days and includes unique religious festival events which are unable to be seen elsewhere, such as an early morning purification ceremony in the Yakkan River and a procession of offerings to the Gods.

14日 早朝、駅館川の平田井堰でふんどし一丁になり、川に入る。
In the early morning of the 14th the participants enter the Hirata Dam on the Yakkan River wearing only loin cloths.

After being purified, the participants perform a Shinto ritual in front of the Water God of the Hirata waterway and then sprint in their loin cloths to the Sakuragaoka Shrine.

On the 15th there is a procession carrying the robes of the God of Wealth, Ebisu from the residence (shop?) of Hidetoshi Watanabe in Yokomachi, Yokkaichi to Sakuragaoka Shrine.

Originally from the Watanabe family retainer, Ishui, the robes used for the offerings during the procession date back to the Warring States era (1467-1568) and have been passed down through the generations for more than 450 years.

On the evenings of the 14th and 15th there are Kagura performances within the shrine grounds dedicated to the Gods.

It is said that that the Ebisu festival has a history of over 450 years and is the oldest festival event in the Yokkaichi district, conveying the origin and history of Yokkaichi.

Address: Yokkaiichi, Usa City, Oita Prefecture
Enquiries: (Tel) 0978-33-2590
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