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昭和の大横綱 双葉山 Showa Era Sumo Grand Champion, Futabayama Museum, “Futaba no Sato”
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昭和の大横綱 双葉山の記念館 「双葉の里」
Showa Era Sumo Grand Champion, Futabayama Museum, “Futaba no Sato”

相撲界で不滅の69連勝という大記録を打ちたて1年2場所の 時代に全勝優勝8回を含む12回の優勝など偉大な業績を残した第35代横綱 「双葉山」。(本名:穐吉 定次)
Futabayama was the 35th Sumo Grand Champion and in an era when there were only 2 tournaments a year he won twelve top division championships, including 8 tournaments without a loss and had a winning streak of 69 consecutive bouts, an all-time record in the sumo world. (born as Akiyoshi Sadaji)

「相撲の神様」とまで称されるようになった「双葉山」は、 明治45年2月9日、大分県宇佐郡天津村布津部(現在の宇佐市大字下庄)に生まれた。
Having a reputation for being a “Sumo no Kami”, or Sumo God, Futabayama was born on February 9, 1912 in Futsube, Amatsu Village, Usa County, Oita Prefecture (currently known as Shimosho, Oaza, Usa City)

平成11年に双葉山の顕彰とともに、宇佐市を広く発信するための観光交流施 設「双葉の里」が、双葉山の故郷である宇佐市下庄にオープン。
In 1999 the tourist facility, “Futaba no Sato”, was opened in Futabayama’s hometown Shimosho, Usa City to honor Futabayama as well as promote Usa City.

平成23年には双葉山生誕100年を迎えることを記念して資料展示室等のリニューアル­が行われ、双葉山の“生涯”や“記録”、“思想”など、これまで以上に 理解しやすい展示環境が整っている。
In 2011 the document exhibition room etc. was renovated to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Futabayama’s birth. The updated displays have made it even easier than before to understand his “Life”, “Career Record”, “Ideology” etc.

Within the exhibition room there are photos of Futabayama in his wrestling days, his treasured things, his famous sayings etc. as well as a life-sized replica of Futabayama so you can get the feeling of his real size.

Behind the exhibition room are the ruins of the house where Futabayama was born. It is currently being reconstructed based on the original plans.

There are also the handprints of the 3 great Sumo Champions, Futabayama, Hakuho and Tanikaze engraved into a Stone Monument commemorating Rikishi with over 60 Consecutive Wins, making it a new “Power Spot” (location thought to be flowing with mystical energy).

Address: 269 Shimosho, Oaza, Usa City
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00
休館日・・・毎月第3月曜日(月曜日が休日の場合はその翌日) 年末年始(12月29日から1月3日まで)
Closed: Third Monday of every month (when this falls on a public holiday, the museum is closed on the following day) Year End (December 29 – January 3)

観光ガイド > 昭和の大横綱 双葉山の記念館 「双葉の里」
Entrance Fee: Free
Parking: 4 buses/ 24 cars 交通アクセス・・・JR日豊本線・天津駅より車で約5分 (徒歩 約15分)
Access: 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes on foot from Amatsu Station, JR Nippon Line
お問い合わせ・・・双葉の里 電話番号:0978-33-5255
Enquiries: Futaba no Sato (Tel) 0978-33-5255
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