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米神山佐田京石~ストーンサークル~Sada Kyouseki – Stone Circle
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Sada Kyouseki – Stone Circle

米神山 巨石祭
Komekami Mountain Megalith Festival

宇佐市安心院町にある米神山の麓に位置する『佐田京石』は、 高さ2mから3mもある柱状の巨石が何かの方式に習って並び、天に向かって立っている­。
Located at the base of the Komekami mountain in Ajimu Town, Usa City, the Sada-Kyouseki are 2-3m gigantic pillar shaped stones, free standing and stretching towards the heavens.

There is still a lot which is unknown about when the stones were placed and their purpose. Some suggestions about the origin of the Sada-Kyouseki are that they were part of a religious ritual, an early-day Shinto shrine archway, or perhaps stones on which the Buddhist scriptures were written.

In the nearby area there are also similar gigantic stones in tight formations, which are attracting attention as locations thought to be flowing with mystical energy and “Mystery spots”.

毎年3月に開催される「米神山 巨石祭」では、巨石群が半円形に立ち並ぶ会場で神事が執り行 われ、登山者の無事を祈願する。
The Komekami Mountain Megalith Festival is held every March at the semi-circular group of stones. Shinto rituals are performed and.prayers are made for the safety of mountain climbers.

また、会場近くの駐車場では地元の子どもたちによる演し物や餅まきのほか、米 神山の登山なども行われる。
In addition local children put on performances, there is mochi-maki (rice cake throwing) at the car park near the grounds and climbing of Mt. Komekami.

Date: Annually in March
開催場所:佐田京石 宇佐市安心院町熊
Venue: Sada Kyouseki (Kuma, Ajimu town, Usa City)

問合せ:観光まちづくり課 観光振興係(内線474)
〒879-0492 大分県宇佐市大字上田1030番地の1本庁舎4階

電話:0978ー32ー1111 Fax:0978ー32ー2331
Enquiries: Usa City Tourist Town Planning Division, Tourist promotion division (ext. 474)Address 4th Floor, Usa City Office, 1030-1 Ueda, Oaza, Usa City, Oita Prefecture879-0492Telephone: 0978-32-1111 Fax:0978-32-2331

問合せ:佐田地区まちづくり協議会事務局 電話:0978-44-0312
Enquiries: Sada District Town Planning Committee; Telephone:0978-44-0312

Sada’s Capital Stones (佐田京石)
At a height of over 2.5 metres, these 9 large stones are lined up in the form of a stone circle.(高さ2.5mあまりの巨石9本が並ぶ津トーンサークル<環状列石群>­)
While this stone circle still exists even today, the purpose of this mysterious landmark is still unknown. (文字のない時代の信仰を伝えながら未だその意図が明らかになっていない神秘的な史跡­です。)
In recent years it has been introduced to many as ‘a spot where a powerful energy still exists’.(近年では、「強い力が未だ残るパワースポット」として紹介されるこ­とが多くなりました。
Mt. Komekami(米神山)
Mount Komekami is 475m high(米神山は標高475m) and has a long history being known as the mountain where a god lives.( 「神が宿る」古代の信仰を伝える山としてしられています。)
There are many historically significant places along prefectural road 658. (県道658号線沿い多くの歴史的な多くの巨石群があります。)
In addition to the Sada Capital Stones, (そのほか、佐田京石には)there are the moon god & sun god valleys (月の神谷や日野神谷など)
along with many other giant stones. (多数の巨石群があります。)
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